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Bartering and Networking

We all know that there are many benefits to trade and networking.  This is a platform for just that.

Bartering (trade):  

I will simply post things that I would like to trade massage and/or health coaching (if you want to know more about health coaching, click here).  Whether you are looking to trade a product or service, there will be a form to submit your information below.

My trade requests:

  • Marketing/good promoter
  • Website developer
  • Scheduler (fielding calls to help clients with scheduling and answering basic questions/concerns)
  • Massage (yes, I need it too!)
  • Organizer - home and business
  • Fundraising with a percentage of what is collected


Networking is such a great way to help each other out!   I will show case your business on my website and just ask that you do the same (or with my business cards or mini flyers).  You create a bio of yourself or your business with a picture if you'd like, website address and contact information.  I have my website optimized and according to my Vistaprint Site activity, last time I checked (October 13th) I had over 4000 page views in 30 days!  That's a lot of free exposure for your business!!  If your interested, please send your request via the form below.

First Name:
Last Name:
Address 1:
Address 2:

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