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My Story

I was a very sick kid growing up.  I had asthma that was so severe that it sent me to the emergency room/hospital on many occasions.  I also had severe allergies which made me miserable most of the time.  My mom was a nurse so she was up on all the latest medications available and I went through A LOT of them! 

As the years went by, I had so many health issues that I felt like I was in a bubble –in a state of detachment because I couldn’t think clearly.  I was in a fog because of the medications and these health issues.  As a result I struggled in school both socially and academically. 

As I became a teenager it just got worse because I went where I was accepted – drugs, alcohol and rock and roll.  I was in my own little world that drugs and so called friends temporally masked.  My health of course suffered even more with additional behavioral problems.  I even went into a rehab for a short while.

Over a period of time of women, drugs, and the party life I started to really think about where my life was going.  I got fed up with feeling the way I did, with the friends who were around for the party but not really for me, masking the deeper issues of severe health and poor self-esteem. 

During this period of time my mom recognized that the medications just weren’t cutting it.  She became disillusioned with the nursing field seeing how so many  people were so over medicated, sometimes not getting well or even worse and little education on prevention and nutrition. 

She started doing a lot of research and discovered her own wonderful path in the process.   She pursued a career path in Environmental Medicine and worked for a doctor that didn’t just prescribe drugs but looked to see what the underlying cause was.  She used to say “a headache isn’t a deficiency of asprin”

She started testing kids for allergies but not just to pollen, pet hair, etc but foods and chemicals.  She saw dramatic results in not only being able to take away common symptoms of runny noses but dramatic positive results in behavioral issues.  She saw how diagnoses of things like “ADD” were just an allergic reaction to a particular food or chemical and that a change of diet was like giving the parent a new child!

Then the turning point came for me.  In my early 20’s, with my mom’s encouragement and inspiration along with my desire to help myself, I started to change my lifestyle and eating better.  I started to work out regularly, grew spiritually, quit drugs and drank only on occasion/socially.  I went from a sickly young man to feeling and looking like a different person!  It was like a light was turned on penetrating my previous dark world.  I became a personal Fitness Trainer because I wanted others to experience what I did.  I became less self-absorbed and started helping others. 

As time went on I got married and healthier but went through several jobs trying to find a career.  I made money but I just wasn’t happy and fulfilled.  I loved Personal Fitness Training but it just didn’t pay the bills.   I stayed in jobs for years just to provide stability for myself and my family ( 2 step kids) but I was misable. 

My marriage sadly ended after 11 years together and I moved to South Carolina to start over.  After a couple years of getting settled my mom discovered she had cancer of the liver.  I took a leave of absence where I worked as a Collector for large trucking companies to go back to Illinois and care for my mom.  When she passed away I made a decision not to go back to job I dreaded.  I wanted to make a difference so I choose the career in massage.  

I love what I do, however my greatest passion is to help people get back their birthright of health.  Not just to have the absence of disease but to feel great and alive so that poor health and vitality doesn’t keep us from being our best. So, I decide to get trained as a Health Coach through the Intregrative Institutes cutting edge training program.    

Like it did for me, I want that light bulb to go off for you.   It’s our opportunity to create a paradigm shift from a health care system that often fails us. (we our one the richest nations with the poorest of health) to self-care.   

With renewed health and vigor it propels us to become even more than we ever imagined and we become an inspiration to others that we care about and for.  We start to realize that everything we eat or drink really does matter both in the short run and especially over time.  That our bodies matter more than our taste buds but we can have both.  When we call this a great country, we can say it with faith and pride because we cared enough to be self-aware and take others along with us in this new discovery. 

I look so forward to taking this journey together.

With much love and gratitude!

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