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Feeling Your Best

Symptoms are signs that something is not working correctly in our bodies.  You should never accept them as normal or just deal with them.  We can help you find the answers.  Working together with Dr Kenneth Ring, we can choose the best option for your health concerns, wellness goals and budget.  Here is a short summary some of the options below. 

Individualized Supplement regimen.  This is a very specific supplement protocol.  From A - Z (whether it's acid reflux to yeast infection or anywhere in between), fill out this symptom form (click here) and fax, email or bring it in.  I will review it with the doctor and have you come in for an appointment to ensure that you get the best supplement regimen to help.  

We use the highest quality supplements from organic whole foods called Standard Process that has to be purchased through a qualified Health Care Provider.   

A good place to start...click here.

It generally only takes 3 to 5 business days once we put in the order.  

Health Coaching.  We will have an initial free health consultation to see what program would be best for your unique health concerns, wellness goals and budget.

You will have a professional and caring friend, mentor and coach providing knowledge, accountability, motivation and direction every step of the way.

Click here for more information or here (then go to "Coaching Services") to schedule a free consultation.

Alcat Testing.  One person’s food is another person’s poison, therefore you need to have your own unique answers.  With this test, there is no guesswork as we are asking your body for answers via a very unique, specialized blood test which is the gold standard in the nutritional field.  

There are a variety of health issues that can be traced to food intolerance or food allergies, a problem you may not even realize you have. The purpose of this Alcat Test is to show you which foods cause inflammation in your body and which foods will help you to avoid inflammation revealing your health issues. 

We can work together and you will know precisely which foods are friendly or unfriendly to your unique body and set of symptoms. 

For more information, click here.

Diagnostic Testing.

This testing can potentially help with signs and symptoms such as weakness or tingling sensations in the extremities, carpal tunnel syndrome, hereditary neurological conditions affecting both motor and sensory nerves (one characteristic is weakness of the foot and lower leg muscles), herniated disk disease, neuropathy, sciatic nerve problems, pinched nerves, peripheral nerve injury or to identify the cause of symptoms such as numbness, tingling, and continuous pain.

Putting together the complete picture of nerve related issues is the only way to accurately diagnose and offer treatment options that address the cause of the problem.  We work closely with a neurology group to provide the most comprehensive testing available for getting to the root of
your problems.

The testing generally takes about 90 minutes with no discomfort or side effects.  Your results will be reviewed by a Board Certified Neurologist and Radiologist.  We will receive a report within 10 days which we will review with you. 

There is no out of pocket cost for patients who are approved for testing.

If you are interested, please contact Dr Kenneth Ring at 843-284-2273 or Mark Kennon at 843-514-6731.
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