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*** Also visit my new Health Coaching website Tailored Wellness! 


721 Long Point Road, #403 
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

*** To schedule, please do not contact Coastal Carolina Chiropractic  You can schedule on my "Hours and Scheduling" page or contact me 
at 843-514-6731.  Thank you! *** 


At Tailored Massage and Coaching you can tailor your massage to your needs and wants.  Choose whatever extra add-on you like hot stones and a foot scrub!  It's included so why not indulge.  Either way, you'll relax, ease tension and stress, help with aches and pains, and walk away feeling refreshed!

I have always believed in the power of touch and have seen the healing power of massage firsthand (read more on my Meet me page).  More and more people are beginning to recognize and learn of all the many benefits of regular massage. 

Health Coaching

Are you having trouble meeting your wellness goals?  

Or you say "wellness goals...what's that?" :)

Achieve goals like loosing weight and/or looking and feeling better, as well as more energy and confidence, focus, determination, sleeping better, and no longer having or greatly reduced health issues like depression or digestive issues!  

As a Health Coach, I meet you where you are at to help you get to where you want to go.  I start with a free health consultation that takes approximately 45-60 minutes.

Visit my new Health Coaching website Tailored Wellness for details and set up an appointment online or call me at 843-514-6731.  

Offering options for your health

Working together with Dr Kenneth Ring, I am passionate about helping you feel your best.  I can help you choose the best option for your health concerns, wellness goals and budget.  
Click here for more details.

Whether it be massage, health coaching or both, I look forward to seeing you and the opportunity to help you relax and feel better! 

Thank you,

Mark Kennon, LMT/Owner

Resolutions for 2016…
Tailored Massage has some great things in store for my clients in 2016…here’s just a few of the ways I'm working toward making your experience even more relaxing!
1)  I'll be hiring a female therapist.  For comfort and choice as well as being able to increase the hours of availability.
2)  Choosing “Quality over Quantity”.  When it comes to massage, repeat customers and friend referrals are the way Tailored Massage thrives!  However, the experience becomes less personal for each client when I grow too rapidly.  So, to ensure we’re providing you with the best possible massage experience, I'm limiting the number of clients I see in 2016 through vouchers such as Groupon and Living Social.  I hope you’ll be one of them! 

*** Accomplished April 2016.  Small "cap" for Groupon and ended Living Social.
3)  I'll be adding more “breathing room”.   A great massage is all about “the experience”.  Adding more space to my spa will allow me to serve you in a more aesthetically-pleasing environment, with better functionality.  Plus, I hope to add a special “Wellness Center” in the next couples of years as well!

*** Accomplished March 2016.  New location.  Click here to see it.

4)  Improving Your Massage Experience!
In 2106, all our massage clients can look forward to an “all-inclusive” experience with every massage, including…

-Hot Stone Treatment
-Warm, Relaxing Towels
-Relaxing Aromatherapy
-Soothing Foot Scrub
And, to make it even easier to save, I offer great discounts off massage when you buy a multi-massage package.  I also offer special discounts to my clients who refer a friend, and we even give you a special discount on your birthday!

Click here to see all our great massage packages for 2016!

*** Accomplished.  Have been including your favorites above on every massage to make your experience special and unique.

To save time, click here to print out and bring an intake form. 

*** Please note: If you have a voucher (through Groupon, Living Social, etc), please bring the voucher with you or be prepared to show it from your phone before the massage.  If it has expired, It will still be honored for the amount of the voucher towards the cost of my regular rate. ***





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