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At Tailored Massage and you can tailor your massage to your needs and wants.  Choose whatever extra add-on you like hot stones and a foot scrub!  It's included so why not indulge.  Either way, you'll relax, ease tension and stress, help with aches and pains, and walk away feeling refreshed!

I have always believed in the power of touch and have seen the healing power of massage firsthand (read more on my Meet me page).  The more educated and I became, the more evident it was that I could really make a difference with the many benefits of regular massage. 

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Wellness Coaching

  • Are you having trouble meeting your health and fitness goals?  Or you say "wellness goals...what's that?" 
  • Do you have the energy and vitality for you want?
  • Are you happy with the way you look and feel?
  • Are
  • Do you have symptoms of fatigue, digestive issues, arthritis, migraines/headaches, sleeping issues, depression, etc.?

The most successful people know the value of having the right people by their side!  As a Health and Wellness Coach, I meet you where you are at to help you get to where you want to go.  We start with a free health consultation that takes approximately 45-60 minutes. 

Depending on your goals and vision for your life, I can write a program designed just for you and you can decide whether you would also like me to help you get started with the necessary tools to continue.  By also having me as your coach, it provides an educated and experienced mentor and friend to hold you accountable, provide inspiration, to re-access if needed, etc.

Visit my new Health Coaching website Tailored Wellness for details and set up an appointment online or call me at 843-514-6731.  

Offering options for your health

Working together with  Kenneth Ring, I am passionate about helping you feel your best.  I can help you choose the best option for your health and budget.  

Click here for more details.

(Below are accomplished resolutions for you in 2016. Resolutions for 2017 to come.  Please feel free to share any room for improvement to me at tailoredmassage5@aol.com)

“Quality over Quantity”.  When it comes to massage, repeat customers and friend referrals are the way Tailored Massage thrives!  However, the experience became less personal for each client when I started to grow too rapidly.  So, to ensure I was providing you with the best possible massage experience, I limited the number of clients I saw in 2016 through vouchers such as Groupon and Living Social.  
Added more “breathing room”.   A great massage is all about “the experience”.  By joining forces with a Chiropractor and adding more space to my spa allowed me to serve you in a more aesthetically-pleasing environment, with better functionality.  

Improved your massage experience!
All of my clients can now look forward to an “all-inclusive” experience with every massage, including…

-Hot Stone Treatment
-Warm, Relaxing Towels
-Relaxing Aromatherapy
-Soothing Foot Scrub
Unlike others who charge more for these additional services, they are included in every massage.  I also offer great discounts off massage when you buy a multi-massage package, discounts to my clients who refer someone to me, even give you a special discount on your birthday!






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